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5 Ways to Use a Wireless E-Stop

July 17, Blog Post

Wireless Emergency Stops are being used to stop machine systems in a wide variety of industries. When implemented properly, remote e-stopping can be a key to unlocking safety and productivity for many machine applications.

Worker with handheld E-Stop

Remote Control Construction Builds Safety and Productivity

June 17, News and Media

FORT Robotics is featured in’s article on the benefits of autonomous and remote control construction equipment.

Warehouse Robots and the New Normal

June 3, Blog Post

As the world continues to adjust to the challenges posed by COVID-19, robots are playing an increasingly important role in getting goods to the people who need them.

3 Ways Robots Are Making Construction Safer

May 13, Blog Post

Construction robots have the potential to prevent accidents and transform the industry — if they’re used properly.


March 7, Events

FORT is hitting the road! We’re excited to offer a preview of Oversight– our new safety and security platform for smart machines– at not one, but two trade shows this month.

New FORT Platform

Introducing our new safety and security platform for smart machines

March 3, Press Release

Full-Stack platform brings enhanced safety, flexibility, and endpoint security for autonomous and connected machines. 

March 3, 2020 (PHILADELPHIA) – FORT Robotics, a VC-funded company dedicated to safety and security for smart machines, is introducing its next-generation platform, OversightTM. The first-of-its-kind control system enhances worker safety and machine security with built-in encryption, safety-certified communications, and advanced software features with seamless connectivity through web and mobile applications. 

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