Introducing our new safety and security platform,
designed for autonomous machines of today and tomorrow.

You Can’t Be Safe If You’re Not Secure

Our new full-stack platform brings together both certified safety and advanced security for smart machines and the people who control them.


Save Time

Web and mobile connectivity for configuration systems updates, and remote monitoring.


Prevent Misuse

Built-in encryption to manage user access and authenticate from your mobile device, in real time.


increase collaboration

Advanced features extend safe remote control transitions between different users, machines, or multiple operation modes with minimal friction.


Ensure safety anywhere

Rugged, reliable hardware supports safety-rated network connections in the harshest conditions.


Prepare for the future

Multiple network options and ability to use the platform as the machine’s communications gateway for use cases today and tomorrow.


Save money

Economical licensing and hardware-as-a-service options to fit every budget.

The FORT Platform

Our full-stack hardware and software solution adds a protective layer to your machine environment.


The FORT Remote Control maintains our rugged and familiar design and adds advanced collaboration features that enable safety-critical wireless control transitions and multiple machine pairing with minimal friction.


Embedded into smart machines, our Endpoint Controller is a wireless controller that supports hardware-based user authentication, safety-rated communication and secure encryption to protect users, data and your investment. 


FORT’s Web Portal and App make it easy to wirelessly configure your FORT devices, designate secure access levels by user, by machine. Seamlessly authorize access using the app on the jobsite for immediate validation.


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