Dedicated Safety and Security for our Automated Society

You Can’t Be Safe If You’re Not Secure

FORT delivers a certified safety and built-in security platform dedicated to autonomous machines to ensure that humans stay safe and in control.


Secure Cloud

Configuration, Monitoring, Access Control

FORT Robotics Web and Mobile App


Secure web and mobile app to configure devices and set machine access control in real time. Learn more.


Safety-Rated, Rugged, Secure

Endpoint ControllerSecure Endpoint Controller

The Endpoint Controller (EPC) is the core of the platform; it wirelessly connects machines to devices and other endpoints. Embedded hardware security module ensures all messages are secure, reducing risk of cyber breach. Learn more.

FORT Remote Control

Remote Control for Heavy EquipmentFor The FORT Remote Control (FRC) is a best-in-class wireless remote with integrated emergency stop. Use with one or more machines without compromising safety or security of commands.  Learn more.

Reduce Risk, Mitigate Threats, and Maintain Control


Accelerate Deployment

FORT solves the complexity of safety and security for you, so your machines are ready to scale without delays.

Mitigate attack threats

Every connected machine opens the door to another attack vector. FORT hardware comes with embedded security with zero-trust communications.

Reduce Liability

Best-in-class wireless emergency stop helps prevent injury to workers and damage to assets.

Extensible and Flexible

The FORT Platform is network agnostic, supports software upgrades and flexible configuratino options to use today and prepare for future growth. 


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